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G1 Jagan Krishna Apartments, Governor Bungalow Road, Daspalla Hills, Vizag

Acne Treatment

Our expert dermatologist at aura skin & hair clinic can provide an effective long-term solution to acne-prone skin.

We believe its important to earn your confidence before you consider coming to us. The more you learn about our treatment, the more comfortable you will feel making decisions on what is best for you. We do complete work up on our patients to find the root cause.

Our acne treatment experts are on hand to deliver the smooth skin you've always wanted. Regardless of age, acne can be a something that can stay with you long into adulthood. The aim of treatment is to clear spots as much as possible, and to prevent scarring. There are different types of treatment that work in different ways.

Studies have shown that acne scars, apart from physical effects, it also leads to several psychological problems like low self-esteem, depression mood-swings and feeling of unworthiness. Hence, it becomes even more important to deal with acne right from the first breakout.

Acne scars develop in the dermis where former cystic blemish lesions have been present.People with darker skin-tones may also notice darkening (Hyperpigmentation) within the scars, While people with lighter skin-tones show redness within the scars.Most acne scars conditions can be corrected or minimized permanently if treated quickly and efficiently with the right treatment. Treatment options vary from subscision, punch biopsy, dermaroller, PRP to laser scar revision

We can help solve your acne problems at Aura Skin Clinic Vizag. we have various treatment procedures for different skin tones. say goodbye to all your acne problems.Aura skin and hair clinic is rated top 3 skin clinics in vizag.Call us now +91 9177799077 to book appointment.