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Mole Removal

Even where a mole isn't harmful, you may want to remove it for cosmetic reasons.

Moles offer a triple threat of potential trouble: they may be a sign of health problems, they could be linked to general skin issues, and even when safe they can be unsightly or even irritating.

A mole is simply a cluster of the cells that produce the pigmentation of skin. Because they are so tightly clustered, the mole will usually appear much darker than the skin itself.

There are three main forms of mole removal treatment. Smaller ones can be taken care of with laser treatment, which uses thermal energy to break down the mole. This treatment can also deal with unwanted hair in and around the mole. It can be a little uncomfortable, like being out in very warm sunlight, but this is kept under control.

There are also two surgical treatments. For moles that stick out from the surface, they can simply be "shaved" away under local anaesthetic. Other moles can be cut away, again under local anaesthetic, though this will require a small stitching of the skin.With all mole removal treatment, the skin left behind may be tender for a few days and may need to be kept under wraps until it has recovered.

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